In-Call Pound Key Starts Transfer

We are using Polycom 500s and 501s to connect to our Asterisk server. When calling outside voicemail or other IVR systems, pressing the pound key (#) on the phone initiates a transfer, instead of sending the tone. However, the pound key works like it is supposed to before the call is initiated. Is this a function of the phone or configurable in Asterisk?

I’m assuming that you have an instruction similar to the one listed below:

exten => s,1,Dial(ZAP/G1/${MACRO_EXTEN},tTr)

The ‘T’ switch at the end (‘T’, not ‘t’) tells the Asterisk box to listen for the # key to prompt for a transfer.

It allows the calling stations to transfer the calls using touch tone feature codes. It’s really something that’s better used for analog stations instead of multiline stations or SIP softphones with transfer buttons.

If you leave off the ‘T’ at the end of the dial command, and restart the Asterisk service, it should ignore the # button press.

Click here for more on the Dial() command. … k+cmd+Dial

That worked! I did have “T”… Thanks a bunch!


I’ve been meaning to modify my code so it doesn’t immediately start the transfer service if Asterisk hears a single # key.

I was thinking that a ### combination would be good to get a transfer or other menus…