Dialling # on outbound calls

I have a dialplan problem that I’m not sure how to handle. My users want to be able to transfer calls when they are dialling out. This is used for secretaries, etc to be able to get someone on the phone and then transfer the call to the boss or whoever.

The problem that I’m having is that Asterisk uses # for an unattended transfer and some remote phone systems that require entering numbers (in this case a credit card system) require that you enter the number and then press # to indicate that you’re finished entering numbers. Asterisk interprets this as you wanting to transfer the call and they get the transfer prompt.

How is this handled on your system? I’m not quite sure what the easiest way is to fix this.



edit features.conf to assign a different string to the transfer function.

What would be a good string to use? I know of systems that require both * and # to be entered for ending strings.

What is the most common method for transfers?

i tend to use the transfer capabilities of the phone rather than rely on Asterisk to handle it for me, but where DTMF transfer is required, i mostly use something like *7 for atxfer so the digits are close together. YMMV

Thanks for the info. I’m using Polycom phones, which use an attended transfer by default when you use the transfer button on the phone. We don’t really have much use for attended transfers and would rather do unattended.

I’ll have to see if there’s a way to change the behaviour of the transfer button on the phone. That way I can tell people to start using that button instead of pressing a multi-digit code to transfer.