IAX incoming CID not getting through


I have a system which is only IAX2 connected. When there is an inbound call (and iax debug is set on in the CLI) I see that the “CALLING NUMBER” is correct and set but it does not seem to get through to the initial voice menu or the CDR.

I’m running Asterisk 11.7. My older setup (running 1.6) ran fine but I had to upgrade to get a SCCP conference phone working properly. I’ve check the difference between the files and while they are not the same they are very similar. Nothing jumps out and says “I’m here”.

What would you recommend that I check to check to see if the CID is propagating in the sequence?


Found it.

I noticed on one of the phones that “New User” was showing up as a CID. Did a grep on the config directory and found that the users.conf had the offending lines. Commented the questionable lines out and we’re back in business.

Thanks for the sounding board. I did find it in the forums with a bit of digging.