IAX channel not passid CID on outbound calls

I have to servers connected via an IAX2 trunk. Server A has a PRI hooked up. When a user from server B calls a user on server A, the user on server A sees the server B users internal extension and name. The issue I have is when a user from server B calls a user on server A and the call is then forwarded to the users cell. The outbound CID is shown as server A’s primary number not server B’s.

I can send any CID out my PRI as my provider does not filter this.

I’d be wary of that service provide. Responsible service providers will only pass caller ID from an authorised network operator or when the customer has proved they control the number.

However, maybe the service provider is still doing the right thing here and forcing the “not screened” flag, and the mobile operator is not prepared present unscreened numbers.