Outbound DID CID Not Showing

So i’ve spent about 4-5 hours looking this up online and testing different methods and havent been able to come up with anything. so here it goes.

The office we have is in Japan. We have DID’s for each extension here, customers are able to dial into them fine. What we are trying to do is have the DID display as the outbound CID. As of now, the main number is the only thing that shows.

I’ve tried using Set(CALLERID) in sip.conf, and also added the outbound CID number in freepbx, however everytime i call it shows the main number.

Is there any way that this can be changed? Have i been over looking something? At this point my brain is racked.

Thanks in advance.

Are you setting the pilot number as the CLI. If not, it will be your service provider that is stopping your using DDI numbers.

I have not specified using the pilot number as the CID, i’ve set it up in each extension to use the DID as the outbound CID, i’ve even tried adding this in the sip.conf and extensions.conf with no luck.

The DID’s are from the service provider, but i have a suspicion that the problem may lay with them. I just want to make sure that i’ve exhausted every possible angle before i call them.

The final check would be to use sip set debug (or a network monitoring tool) to find out what you are actually sending. If you are using a DID number, the limitation is at the service provider.

Alright, i will do this on Monday when i get back to work. Will the sip set debug data be in the asterisk logs? or somewhere else?

It will be in the Asterisk logs, but you may have to enable debugging output.