Incoming PRI calls do not transfer to remote extensions

Hello, I have couple of issues with calls reaching extensions. I have Server A and Server B connected via IAX. Server A has extensions in 1000s and Server B has extensions in 2000s. Internally, I can call from 1001 to 2001 and vice versa. No problems there. However, if I call the outside number (via PRI) on Server A and enter 2001 as ext during the voice menu, I get invalid ext message. Same is true if I call the PRI on Server B and enter ServerA’s ext (1001). This is especially a problem when there are conference bridges on the servers. PRI calls to local extensions work. Ex. If I call the PRI number on Server A and punch in Server A’s ext (in 1000s), I can reach the extension ok without any problems. Remote exts are not available though.

  • How can allow outside users calling via the PRI to get to remote extensions?
  • Secondly, I also need to pass the caller id. Currently, I only see the caller id of the authenticating user (trunk) and not caller id of person calling.

I found the solution for the 1st problem. However, the caller id is still an issue.

Hi im guessing that you have a line callerid= in the conf file, this will override the caller id being passed.