Dahdi and libpri, when to use?

Hello Guys

Will I need these libraries if I am using Fxo and Fxs gateways, or are they only needed for
the cards that will be installed on the PC ?

Thanks for the support

DAHDI (Digium/Asterisk Hardware Device Interface) is the open source device interface technology used to control Digium and other legacy telephony interface cards.

I think it’s advised to install DAHDI to get better timing source. Also, I read online about people getting Asterisk to as VM without voice distortion when using DAHDI timing

Asterisk Timing Interfaces
In the past, if internal timing were desired for an Asterisk system, then the only source acceptable was from DAHDI. Beginning with Asterisk 1.6.1, a new timing API was introduced which allows for various timing modules to be used.
Asterisk includes the following timing modules:
res_timing_timerfd.so – as of Asterisk 1.6.2
res_timing_kqueue.so – as of Asterisk 11

wiki.asterisk.org/wiki/display/ … Interfaces

It is also needed for app_meetme, although the newer conference applications don’t need it.