I need advice to design a 2 E1 server (with peak traffic)

Hi all,

Here is the situation, there is a company that has 2 E1 and 32 operator ACD.

They attend peak traffic moments with the 60 channels connected and 32 operators talking (on analog extensions), with the rest in a queue, (it is a radio station …).

I am considering the possibility to go with asterisk with either a 2 E1 and softphones or 2 E1 and analog extensions or 2E1 and ip phones,

but my concern was on what I needed to handle such a load,

and if anyone could advise a bit on the requirements for it,

for example:

If I go with Digium’s TE205 for 2 E1, would it handle the load?, or do I definately have to go with an external channel bank for E1?

All operators are on the same room, so there should be no transcoding, it could all work with G711.

Also what kind of PC would be advisable?

After this first advice, my next question would be how about if I record all conversations? and do SPYchannel on one at a time, would the system go crazy? what kind of configuratin and PC would handle such a load?

I appreciate anyone’s input on this.