I have a problem here guys

Hi, i have Fedora core 8 and asterisk everything is well
but i discover that sometimes the asterisk network device go down a few seconds and then go up again…
i have 26 SIP accounts and each phone resync each 10 seconds of provisioning the pbx characteristics are pentiun 4, 256 RAM at 1.0 of speed.
What you think is the problem here?
The Sip accounts, the provisioning time, that else?

How does this differ from your “Serious Question” thread?


In another thread you said you had 200 accounts , Then 26 and then finally 2 phones registered, Which is true?

I asked

You decided not to give that information but start a new thread…

You are wasting ours and your time, Basicly FC8 at a MINIMUM needs 128meg to run (Like a Dog) you have 256Meg , So just above the minimum the OS needs to run. trying to run Asterisk on that spec is doomed.


Now i delete the sip.conf and write a new sip.conf using just 26 sip accounts because i need to know if my problem is because i have too many sip accounts…
I’m not making you loose your time i’m just testing in different ways to success.
Now i have 26 sip accounts and the network don’t go down so qulicky, now have long time to go down but it still going down…
Now i think is because i don’t have too many RAM to run more that 26 sip accounts…
what you think…?

2nd question:
Using you experience, how much of RAM i need to run at least 400 SIP accounts without problem?

You need a serious upgrade to your system. 2 GB+.

number of SIP accounts is not that relevant. The real relevant parameter is the number of concurrent calls you are planning to handle and what else are those 400 users likely to be doing [lots of conferences for example]. A P-4 with 256MB RAM is about good enough for a proof of concept that asterisk works and probably could handle 10 concurrent calls or something relatively trivial.

Is this a 400 user company or a 400 seat call center? You need to be able to ask the right questions.