How much Users Asterisk Support?

Dear Asterisk Gurus,
I want to know how much concurrent users asterisk can support for voice calls. I’m planning to deploy it for meduim to large scale organizations. So, i need exact and authenticated statistics so that i could be convinced after deploying it, it will remain stable. Plus of it, i also want to attach a billing solution with it. Guide me the Software which can perform prepaid/postpaid billing w.r.t. minutes.
Waiting for your precious and positive reply.

Asim Arif

how condescending can you get ? particularly when there’s the same question 3 threads below this one. do some research yourself first maybe ?

“exact and authenticated” ??? wtf ? are you mental ? start here :

I don’t know what kind of question did i ask. “Mr. baconbuttie”, i think you don’t know the meaning of a forum and you don’t know how to make a reply in a forum. I suggest you to go for classes which teach the way how to communicate with people.

Asim Arif

what kind of question you asked ? very simple … you wanted to be spoonfed by other people on here, when the information is already available to you, should you have bothered to a) read the sticky at the top of the forum, and b) used the information in that thread to do the work yourself.

Nobody is perfect, not you and not me. We all need mutual coperation to move ahead in order to get our desired success. What the main thing is “Mutual operation” and you need more to understand this word more than Asterisk.. Anyhow, very thanks for all of your supporting but useless comments for everyone.

if you want to play your “this is a community” card, then perhaps you should have read the post from the administrators : that’s linked to in the sticky at the top of every forum here.

“community” or “mutual cooperation” is not “give me information”, but “i’ve searched the wiki and googled for this, and think for 1000 SIP users utilising G729a and Asterisk transcoding i need a quad-Xeon 3.2 with 2Gb RAM. does this checkout ?”

I already know all of the rules and after reading that, i have posted this thread. You better to read it again. Anyways, i would like to stop the war here right now.

what war ? you surely don’t think you’re being flamed do you ?