Serious question

Now i have my asterisk running well, but sometimes the asterisk network device go down
I think is because i have more than 200 SIP accounts configured in sip.conf
Do you think the same?
Look, i turn off the asterisk and the network device of the server never go down… that means that the asterisk is the cause of it…i think as you know.

Then i change in each sip account this part qualify=200 to qualify=no
but now just 26 sip accounts and the asterisk is running well and the network device of the server never go down, but what i have to do to make me asterisk support like 400 phones?

The asterisk server have
256 RAM
Pentium IV (1.0 of Speed)
Using asterisk

If the network device goes down as the result of actions by an application program which doesn’t issue interface control ioctls, it is an OS kernel bug, or a hardware problem, not the fault of the application program.


You need to check the registration timeings of the sets.

Also are you serious in expecting a P4 with 256Meg of ram to support 200 let alone 400 users.?

what are the ouputs of top when you have 200 users on line ?


I have more than 200 accounts in the sip.conf
but just 2 are registrer "online"
the others NO because i don’t have too many phones!

What characteristics will me CPU need to support at least 400 or 410 SIP phones?
Please write down…

there are no hardware recommendations and you have to made your own tests.
nevertheless you could check others findings here ->