Hunt and memoryhunt don't work, ringall works

I have a ring group set up. If I set it to ringall, it works great. If I set it to hunt, it goes straight to the “if no answer” option (which is set to my primary extensions voicemail. What I am trying to do is ring ext 2002, followed by 8002, followed by my cell, followed by my voicemail if no answer.

Any ideas? Is this a known bug?


I am running A@H 2.7 and having the exact same issue. Have you had any luck finding a solution?

Are you sure that a “ringgroup” is supporting this ?
I doubt …

Technically, ringgroup is…a RINGGROUP !

AAH does implicate a ringroup like this in the extensions.conf:

exten…dial (SIP/XX&SIP/XX&IAX2…) etc etc

Its a “simultan” ringer but it wont support any other ringstrategy.

For that, you need to put these devices in a queue group and configure it to the appropiate ring strategy.

A@H has a syntax error that is causing this not to function correctly. There is a missing bracket in the statement.