How to setup Ring group on Asterisk

How to configure Ring Group on Asterisk?

Do you mean a hunt group, or do you mean a directory number that rings multiple physical devices simultaneously?

A hunt group can be implemented by the way that Dial () falls through when a call fails (don’t forget to set a timeout), or using a queue with almost any strategy other than ringall.

A directory number shared across multiple devices can be implemented using & to combine dialstrings for each device, in Dial, or by using a hunt group with the rignall strategy.

a hunt group with the rignall strategy, real example please

Use the queue application, disable moh and announcements? If you don’t want to have the call being answered before entering the queue, from the documentation, it looks like you can just not call Answer before calling Queue.

The alternative requires you to do the following:

  1. Setup a list of numbers to dial, and the strategy
  2. Run through the list, one by one, according to strategy

You could use multiple interfaces to the Dial command, you separate them by &, if they are to all ring at the same time. From what I’ve seen, it looks like Asterisk generates the invites one by one, meaning that a large number of interfaces for the dial command, can result in a delay between the first and last device ringing.

But to me it sounds like the queue application is the way to go, as it’s simple, and does what you want to archive.

If you want a real example, look at the code for FreePBX. Few people here will write examples for you.

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