Ring group asterisk

Hey all i’m new and i have a question about a ring group with 4 extensions

I currently have this in my /etc/asterisk/extensions.conf file


Now i want to make a ring group that rings all of the phones and the first one to pick up answers the one calling.

What kind of script should i use?

No script is needed :wink:

Lets say that a call to extension 6005 rigs all 4 phones. This is the dialplan:


The SIP/ should be repeated (although I suppose it might be clever enough to repeat it itself.

Indeed, I already made the fix in the post. Thanks for pointing this out David.

Great thanks guys, i’m currently working on a comparison document to show the difference between 3cx and asterisk

I can’t imagine it isn’t possible but how hard can it be to make a ring group with a prioritized hunt to the phones?

It’s called a queue. You can do more general call distribution with a queue, but configure the queue not to actually queue.

On the other hand, if you want a simple hunt group, that is just a case of having a sequence of Dial application calls, possibly checking why the call failed between each.

This doesn’t work for my asterisk I cant create a ring group, please who has an idea how I could fix this asap. Thanks



Please let me see your config for the ring group, those links ain’t accessible. Thanks.

exten => 100,1,Dial(PJSIP/Susan&PJSIP/Darren)