Ring groups do not work

Hello, my first post on the forum :smile:

I am running AAH 2.1 with a Telasip accoutn as my only trunk. I signed up for the account, and for a few days, banged my head against a wall, trying to get my extension to ring when I called my DID. Turned out Telasip had my DID routed wrong so it wouldn’t have worked not matter what I did :open_mouth:

I have everything working now, exept the ring groups. I am by new very familiar with the AAH gui, and I am aboslutely poitive I have everything int he GUI set up right. I have 3 extensions, 1 hardware ATA, the other soft phones, 1 local, and one remote. I have all extension in ring group one, and incoming calls set to ring group 1.

I do belive I have in the course of trying to get my server working when the DID was routed wrong, messed up a .conf file somewhere. RIght now, I have in my “extensions_custom.conf” file at the end

exten => xxxxxxxxxx,1,NoOp(Incoming call on TelaSIP #xxxxxxxxxx)
exten => xxxxxxxxxx,2,Dial(local/201@from-internal,20,m)
exten => xxxxxxxxxx,3,VoiceMail(201@default)
exten => xxxxxxxxxx,4,Hangup

if I comment out that line, my DID goes straight to Telasip VM. If they are un-commented, then only the extension noted in the above code will ring.

Does anyone have an idea as to which .conf file might need to be edited with what code to make the ring group ring instead of just the local extension?

I know this is overly broad, but I’m at the end of my rope here.



I havent used ring groups but I ring multiple extensions like this

exten => s,1,DIAL(Zap/61&Zap/62&Zap/63&iax2/ata,15)