Ring Group Hunt - Hunting but no Ringing Tone

I’ve tried to search the net for the same problem but can’t find one, but here it is:

I have have asterisk@home 2.8 (asterisk / FreePBX 2.0.1)
Setup a “Ring group (Strategy=Hunt)” and listed 3 extensions (200, 201, 202).

Everytime I call this ring group, It would only hear a ringing tone for the first extension (200), when asterisk hunts to the next extension (201 and so on), asterisk stops playing the ringing tone to the caller anymore and will stay silent, but the next extensions are actually ringing.

Looks like * will only play the ringtone to the caller for the first extension in the list.

I learned this problem with asterisk@home 2.7, but it still exist on 2.8 as well with asterisk

Anybody wanna try a ring group (strategy=hunt) and see if they’ll get the same problem?

Try adding the dial option “r”

I’m gonna try this, but since I’m using freePBX, it will rewrite the configs and zap it.