Huge newbie looking for help!

Hello to anyone who can help me out there. I am looking to learn Ip Telephony. I have taken up to CCNP 7 classes and have basic knowlege of UNIX/Linux. I also have experience with microsoft servers. I have purchased 2 Cisco 7905G phones and a 7910 phone. I have a few boxes to choose from to setup an astrix box. I am looking for a how to set it up, also can I use suse 9.3 or do I need to use Free BSD or are there other flavors of linux that I can use. Is asterix all command line or is there a GUI associated with it? Is there a web site that I could go to that is srictly for newbies? I also have questions about the physical configuration of the IP telehpony network. Where do I place my asterix box at, is it on the edge of the network. Is it the gateway for all VoIP and can my data trafic go through it to? Can i also use any types of hardware or do they all need to be the same type ie(cisco, netgearā€¦)? Then on to how do I actually set up phone numbers and everything. I dont have regular phone experience so when I say that im a newbie I mean that I am completely a Newbie to IP Telephony. I would appriciate any help that anyone can provide me. Thanks

start at these to sites