Asterix Newbie in Need of Help!

Hello All:
I am brand new to Asterix and am looking to set up Asterix on a Dell Optiplex box that is running Suse 10.0. I would like to use Asterix to setup a small IP Telphony network at home, to learn about it. I have two Cisco 7905 IP Phones a switch, and a Cisco 1720 router at my disposal. I think this is everything I will need to setup a small test lab however I am a Newbie to everthing about Asterix, I am also an intermediate user with linux. I have searched some on the internet and havnt found any good sites that give people like me examples of how to setup Asterix on small networks. I am asking for any help that I can get on how to setup Asterix, and where there is some good documentation on how to begin my learning process with it. I would like to thank anyone who is willing to help me.

Ok so I posted before I read the READ ME posting at the top im sorry. If you would still like to respond I would love to read what you have to say.

The best way to get Asterisk going for the first time (in my humble opinion) is to follow a step-by-step guide and set up an installation that allows you to configure it without all the details. Then, over time, you can learn the nitty gritty details.

The best guide and best “built” set up is the Asterisk Management Portal. This will allow you to configure most of your settings through your browser once you get it set up. And the install guide tells you everything - easy even for a linux newbie.

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