Http video stream as source for video call


I have an Asterisk server running. In my garage is a Raspberry pi running linphone which is connected to my frontdoor intercom. I have a SIP client running on my smartphone. When someone rings at the door, the raspberry pi makes a SIP phone call to my smartphone after which I can talk through my smartphone to the person at the door. There is also a ESP32 camera at my door which is http streaming a video feed of my front door. It is not possible to connect the camera directly to the raspberry pi.

Is it possible to add the http video stream to the SIP call to make this SIP call a video call either on the asterisk server or on the raspberry pi. This way I would be able to see who’s at my door on my smartphone through the SIP call.

Thanks for any leads on how to solve this

You can use SIP protocol to create, manage, and release video calls, the protocol to transport the media is RTP, nothing to do with HTTP. I suggest you use a SIP client who support audio and video

Not tried it but this looks interesting:

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