Asterisk and cctv

Hello everyone, a write to you because i need help for implement a asterisk with video. the idea is to make a system that when making a remote call activates the device’s camera

you can help me please?

If using Python and Raspberrry PI you can start the Camera on the PI from the Asterisk dial plan using the system() command to trigger a Python or Linux script to turn on the camera

I can’t work out whether the remote call is incoming to Asterisk, or outgoing from it, and I also cannot work out whether the camera is on the remote device or on the device running Asterisk.

As you’ve had an answer for incoming calls and the camera on the device running Asterisk, I’ll consider outgoing calls with the remote device having the camera. If the device is directly reachable over IP and implements SIP, you just need to ensure that, as well as an audio codec acceptable to the device, you also have an Allow line for a video codec that is acceptable.

If the device is connected through an intermediate device, using SIP, for at least that first hop, you need to ensure that the Allow lines are compatible with the intermediate device and that device can successfully establish a session, resulting in those codecs, with the final endpoint device. The intermediate device may or may not be capable of changing between video standards and codecs.

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