Sip + ip camera = video sip call

I am trying to solve a puzzle.
I have a sip intercom and a PoE IP camera (h.264)

I am looking for a solution whereby when a person presses the button on the intercom, it will make a sip call via the server and add the video of the camera to an video sip phone.

So somebody who has a video sip phone like yealink or so can see who stands in front of the door and answer to the person in

Is this possible ?

If so can somebody please send me some conf ideas ?

You can do this with ozeki’s camera sdk

It is able to connect to any SIP based IP PBX, like Asterisk, than call any videophone or receive video calls and send the stream to other part of the call. As i know it supports h263 and h264 codecs.

You can also find an article about connecting this camera sdk to a sip server in the following page: … video.aspx