Setting up SMS for Send/Receive

I would like to add SMS to my Asterisk server, both to be able to receive and send.

I’ve been unable to locate documentation. Can someone point me in the right direction?

How will this work, will an incoming SMS text become an email? Should it (it probably could) be sent to the desk phone and displayed?

To send an SMS text, should my phone system provide have all the appropriate lookup tables for the provider?

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Just saw your post. I can’t say anything about receiving SMS, but I did come across, although anything from this site should be considered to be potentially incorrect or out of date.

The troubling part to me is that this (primitive) documentation seems to suggest SMSs can only be sent to a channel that is up. Why would I want to send a text to someone I’m on the phone with? Sending SMS is most useful in the context of sending, potentially, mass alerts – where all channels to the receiving phones would clearly be down.

I believe the latest version supports out of dialogue sip messages, although that is not the same as SMS.

I think there is some loose terminology here.

There are several different ways in which SMS’s could interact with a fixed network. I’m not sure if Asterisk supports anything other than the use of a cellular terminal device.

It could use a cellular terminal device.

It could the SMSC to SMSC protocol.

It could use one of the bulk SMS submission protocols to interact with an SMSC.

It could use one of the landline SMS protocols, introduced in the last half decade or so, to interact with a fixed to mobile network SMS gateway.

Dear Redwold and David:
Thanks much for your replies.

I’m trying to make my Asterisk phone system integrate with the rest of the world who likes to send texts. I was thinking that if I could configure Asterisk to receive an SMS message, and convert it to an email to the user of that extension, that might be a good solution. Depending on the type of phone, I may even be able to wake up the phone and display the text on the phone screen.

Then for sending, I could write a client, or use email or something, to ask Asterisk to send a text (SMS) to go out to my phone provider, who would send it along. I don’t know what my phone provider would have to do, but I assume, perhaps incorrectly, that they are set up to send SMS messages.

It seems to me, with all the texting going on, there should be an Asterisk solution. I know I could use a service like Twillio to send SMS texts, but that doesn’t solve the receiving problem. And, maybe I’m just an old fud here, but I am using Asterisk, the most powerful PBX on the planet, I shouldn’t have to use Twillio, or some other vendor to solve my SMS texting problem.

I appreciate your suggestions. Perhaps this is a question for Digium. They certainly have thought about this problem.

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I have a feeling that you may have to use a separate SMS package, for most SMS scenarios.

Hi Not sure where you are based, But in the UK most decent ITSP’s have enabled there numbers for teh reciving of SMS , this can be delivered as an email or as a HTTP api call.