How to use/install add ons

These add ons for Asterisk, how do I install them? Can I pick and choose after I download them? Can they be installed after I installed Asterisk? Does Asterisk have to be recompiled again afterwards? Where are instructions for the addons?

Mostly I’m interested in the MySQL addon.

untar the tarball in /usr/src, change to the asterisk-addons-1.2.[x] directory, type “make [enter]”, then if no errors encountered (usually happen when the mysql-devel libraries are missing) then type “make install [enter]”.

you can then load the modules manually at the CLI, or just restart Asterisk.

Also find two files in the configs subfolder under addons.
One file contains the cdr table schema for mysql and other is the conf file that needs to
be stored in /etc/asterisk/

Hope that helps along with the advice from baconbuttie

Hi! Here’s what I have with my server.

  1. Install/compile unixODBC and mysql-odbc
  2. Install/compile mysql
  3. configure/register drivers and data sources
  4. Compile asterisk-xxx
  5. compile asterisk-addons
    Use of res_config_odbc and res_mysql_config may result in system instability.
    Just use one module at a time.

If no errors, You probably installed the asterisk-addons correctly.
6.Go to configs directory of the asterisk-addons then copy and rename res_mysql_conf.sample to /etc/asterisk.
7. Edit some of the conf file for asterisk and for asterisk realtime configs.

I hope this one helps you a lot!!!

why would you need to do this for MySQL use ?

Thank you, this I will do.