and res_mysql.conf

my asterisk server doesn’t have the res_mysql.conf under /etc/asterisk/

and also doesn’t have the module under /usr/lib/asterisk/module

how can I get this?

should I install the mysql server before I install the asterisk?

have you compiled and installed asterisk-addons ? iirc, that’s where you’ll find it.

I get the asterisk-addon package asterisk-addons-1.2.2.tar.gz.

unpackage it in the folder asterisk-addons-1.2.2 and after complie it using
make clear
make install

under this folder there is only files and folder like below:

.depend [color=red]app_addon_sql_mysql.c cdr_addon_mysql.c res_config_mysql.c[/color]
.version app_saycountpl.c configs res_sqlite3
ChangeLog app_saycountpl.o doc
Makefile format_mp3
README asterisk-ooh323c mkdep

Is it some wrong when i complie, because I don’t get the file at all.

If I can get the, should I put it in the /usr/lib/asterisk/module/?


If you’re using FreeBSD the best way to install the add-ons is to update your ports section and install it from there. Which is what I did and the install worked perfect and my moh started working perfect.

What I am concerned about now is that each time * starts the CLI screen shows several WARNING messages related to mysql. I don’t use mysql or postgresql at the moment so I’m wondering why these messages appear.