How to start Asterisk once all modules installed

Hello all

I’m a bit of a biginner at this PBX open source system build, I wanted to begun testing the product so I built a Red Hat system Linux 2.4, I downloaded all files needed:

asterisk- linux-2.4
asterisk-1.4-current.tar.gz redhat
debug Redhat
libpri-1.4.3 zaptel-

cd asterisk-
Installed with the
make clean
make menuselect
make install
make samples

How do I run Asterisk now I want to see the configuration screen, is there one ?
I can run the make menuselect and get a menu but this looks to be settings for the system.
How do I get the ztdummy to run ?

[root@localhost src]# modprobe ztdummy
modprobe: Can’t locate module ztdummy
[root@localhost src]#

[root@localhost sbin]# asterisk -h
bash: asterisk: command not found
[root@localhost sbin]#

I wanted to know , after the files seem to be compiled how do you start the Asterisk system up?
Is there an issue with the verison of kernel I’m running ?
Should I install the AsteriskNow , would this work in conjunction with what’s complied already ?
Any answers will lead me in the right dirrection