"asterisk" command not found after installation

Hi everybody.
I’ve installed asterisk on Fedora-Linux which runs on a VmWare.
I made following steps:
1.) unpack asterisk
2.) run make
3.) make installation
4.) sh configure
5.) make sample-config
6.) make the docs
everything completed successful so it should be possible to start asterisk with “asterisk”.
But unfortunatly my system does not find this command. However it is possible to run the manpage with “man asterisk”…
Does anybody know this problem and can help me with it?

you’d want to do this order (as root of course):

  1. do all this to zaptel first (recommended)

  2. unpack asterisk and cd to asterisk source dir that you just unpacked

  3. run configure script

  4. compile (possibly with make menuconfig) and make sure compile did not quit with errors

  5. make install to install it

  6. make samples if you need them

  7. make config to install init scripts if you want it

now you can do:
asterisk -vvvc will start asterisk in CLI mode

service asterisk start starts asterisk using the init script you installed with make config. Zaptel includes the same things, if you compile/install zaptel first you might want to service zaptel start first then service asterisk start. Once it’s up you can connect to the CLI with
asterisk -r

THX now it workes.
I forgot zaptel :blush: