How to send SMS using Asterisk

Please, how can I send SMS both externally and internally using Asterisk ?
I want to do this just using Asterisk without any dongle or external device.
Is this possible.

If not, please explain how best to send SMS using Asterisk

How do you intend to connect to the cellular network? There are only really two ways of sending and SMS to a cellular phone: sending it over a cellular network’s air interface, for which you will need a dongle, or sending it, typically by TCP/IP to an SMS centre. I think Asterisk may have built in support for the former, but not for the latter. You can probably use an external program, though.

Asterisk can send short messages to SIP phones but they are not SMS.

Some PSTN providers allow SMS to be originated over analogue lines, but Asterisk doesn’t support that…

One way or another, expect to have to pay.


Thank you so much for the prompt response. :grinning:

Firstly, How do I go about using a dongle?
Secondly, if I am going to use TCP/IP to an SMS centre, does it mean I have to use something like Twilio? What if I want to build mine, how can I go about that?

Please pardon my questions.
Thank you

There will be documentation around on using GSM dongles.

Lots of people, including network operators offer TCP/IP access. I have not researched the details. People like Twilio will provide low volume services. The network operators will also provide services, but likely only for high volume users, and you may have to have your software approved by them.

Unless you are going to generate millions of SMS, I doubt that any other method of connection will be available, and you will be in a very specialised area where only big companies have any real knowledge.

Thank you so much

If I am going to be using the dongle, is it compulsory that the number I will be sending the SMS to must be a virtual phone number (DID) or it can be any cellular number

I think Twilio SMS only works with Wireless SIMs or connecting some application to the API. You could build an integration to something like Slack and have your SMS go there while your voice calls go to Asterisk. I’m not familiar enough with the Asterisk AMI but you may be able to do something similar by building an app to interface the two together and deliver some sort of short message in Asterisk based on the text delivered from Twilio.

Edit : Here’s the doc for the Twilio / Slack SMS integration for reference:

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Thanks justishar

To use Twilio, I need to get a virtual phone number from them but then they don’t sell numbers to my country

Any help with this?

I wish I could help, but this is not something that I’ve looked into personally

Maybe try these guys –