Sending SMS from Asterisk to a cell phone

I need to find out how to send an SMS from Asterisk to a cell phone (in France).
Can anyone tell me CLEARLY the exact command to use? I tried smsq but it isn’t recognized by Asterisk…it may needs to be reinstalled?

The sms in asterisk is not for cell phone. It’s for sendig text messages through a pstn line to phone capable of recieving it.

You need or a sim card to do this through an app or use a voip provider offering sms services and do something like this
You can use the sip MESSAGE request with Content-Type: text/plan and in the body of the message the sms information.

I haven’t gone more further on this so google around and see.


Asterix resellers how have a way of adding SMS functionality.

Using Multi-Tech’s Cellular modems, text messages can be sent directly from an Asterix PBX.

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