Old Voicemail Messages


When playing back new voicemails via VoiceMailMain the recordings are moved to the OLD folder which is nice. We set a limit of maxmsg to 20 and found that as soon as you have 20 recordings in the OLD folder new messages are no longer moved to the OLD folder after playback.

Our assumtion was that if that limit is reached that the oldest messages are deleted and messages are still moved to the OLD folder.

Is there any configuration option we missed to achieve this?

Per quick review of current app_voicemail.c, the limit is the sum of messages in NEW and OLD folders. But, the documentation of maxmsg in voicemail.conf.sample should probably be improved as it confusingly reads:

; Maximum number of messages per folder.  If not specified, a default value
; (100) is used.  Maximum value for this option is 9999.  If set to 0, a
; mailbox will be greetings-only.
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@penguinpbx THX for clarification. That is exactly what we found out by testing.

It’s a pity that asterisk doesn’t offer an option for a behaviour which is quite common for mobile phone providers at least here in Germany. I would call it “maintenance free mailbox”.

With asterisk you always have to execute two steps for a new message

1.) Listen to it.
2.) Delete it from old messages.

Without those two steps the mailbox will get full, no longer accepting any messages.

Would be nice to have an option where the oldest message from the “old” folder would get deleted automatically when the max number of messages is reached. This way you only have to listen to your new messages and the mailbox never gets full because of already “listened to” messages. It also ensures that “not listened to” messages never get deleted.

Just my 2 cents

You can submit a feature request[1] if you wish, but as it states no guarantee it will be implemented.

[1] GitHub - asterisk/asterisk-feature-requests: A place to submit feature and improvement requests for the Asterisk project. Contains no code.

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@jcolp I’m not sure if such extension would be of general interest, so instead of submitting a feature request I meanwhile implemented a similar behaviour via “externnotify” shell script.

If you don’t want to use the Old folder automatically like that, ie. skip step 2, then you might consider turning off the “moveheard” option in voicemail.conf:

; Move heard messages to the 'Old' folder automagically.  Defaults to on.

But it is still possible for users to manually move things to their Old folder, so, not a perfect solution to the problem of aggregation of INBOX + Old message counts when comparing with the maxmsg limit.

We have implemented a scripted solution which does what we need, so problem solved.

Thanks anyway