How to load test an Asterisk server?

Hi Everyone,
I have lot of problem in configuring Astertest for asterisk load testing.
Is there any open source tool available to perform load testing an asterisk server.

You can try use sipp, a sip test tool/traffic generator, you can find it here:


Marco Bruni

You can launch calls using call files (see the wiki) to call into or out the asterisk box you want to test. If you use the “at” command on the linux prompt you can write a very simple script to plan the calls (type “man at” on the linux prompt to learn more).

If you want to call in you need an old pc with asterisk to set up to inbound calls.

I can offer you a service to launch multiple calls at the same time to your Asterisk server to do stresstesting. My Asterisk server is almost directly connected to the Internet backbone so bandwidth on my side is not the bottelneck.