How can i test my asterisk server

I have successfully made my asterisk server installation. Now i want to test with to know it better. I want to make stress test, performance test and volume test my application. How should i go with this. Is it possible to create some sort of script to generate SIP calls or flood my asterisk Server. How should i go. Please help me.


Have a look at sipp:

What will be the bets tool for Load?performance/Stress testing Asterisk. One who will produce some sort of graphs. I already tried sipp but not quite happy with the output. I want more details in the report like CPU usage and Memory usage.

  1. I want to know up to how much call my asterisk server can handle with specific codec used?
  2. The limitations of calls in my asterisk.
  3. I mainly want to know about the incoming calls, outgoing is not a matter in my project.

Thanks in advance.