How to get SIP calls from different networks?

I have made a asterisk pabx using virtualbox and ubuntu server. I can get sip calls within my inbound network. But I need to get calls from different networks. Can anyone help me on that? Basically I try to make a free calls system using asterisk as a project of my university. So then student can be able to install the free software sip phones like zoiper,Xlite to their mobile phones and then they can be able to get calls via that installed softphones like whatsapp and viber calling. So can I able to do that? Actually I think I have trouble about mapping NAT firewalls. I am using my local service provider’s router in order to get internet connection. Please help me with examples because I am new to Asterisk.

A little dated, but still generally valid:

In practice don’t expect free calls. Although, SIP can do point to point, practically no-one configure their systems to allow that, not least because of the number of people trying to commit toll fraud by directly accessing VoIP PABXes and making chargeable calls through them.

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Thank You David. Actually this is for education purpose. I’ll go through your link. Here I try to make calls like whatsapp, viber using mobile phones which installed softphones apps like zoiper… My router has a IP like But my asterisk server has 198.168.x.x So according to my knowledge I am in a NAT. My problem is when I try to register using another service provider which has different IP above I mentioned, It does not registered. Cause I should map the NAT. How can I figure out that?
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Router configuration is outside the scope of this forum.

WhatsApp and viber do not have public SIP endpoints, you will not be able to interoperate with them.

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No I do not want to connect my PABX with whatsapp. I try to make a PABX which can use like whatsapp.

use chan_sip, turn on allowguest and autocreate peer.

don’t allow your PBX to talk to the PSTN or you will be in for a world of toll fraud.

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