Asterisk in two different networks


suppose i am want to setup two asterisk boxes in two different private networks and want make call between two sip user of them then how can i do this. Each private network has a Nat router with a public ip.

can anyone help me?


go read the wiki at … look for “dual asterisk” IIRC. that should be all you need.

:smiley: thanx, i have taken an understanding about that.


Now i know that it is possible to do with IAX. but the server (Asterisk box)
should at the publect ip but i want to set the following is possible to do

±---------- +
| sip client ±------- v
±---------- + ±------+ ±----+
Asterisk <---->| Nat +<–>|nat +<----->asterisk
±---------- + Box ±----- + ±----+
| sip clint ±------- ^
±---------- +

where the sip client, asterisk has private ip and the Nats have public ip.
I want to transmit call from private network though the nat to a client of the another private network.

if any one can give idea about that then please help me.