Features question

This is my first question, so i thought to post it here for one of the highest ranking member of this army, the Asterisk’s General, which surely will know about it.
What i would like to find out, is if in the free edition, there is a way to transfer calls between two different cities through the internet and for free (basically something similar to Skype, but with more features as redirecting an incoming call, etc, the usual stuff done with a PBX) ???

I don’t believe the commercialised versions use the Asterisk name.

Asterisk can connect to VoIP terminals and PABXes over wide area networks and can access the PSTN or tie trunks using analogue or ISDN technologies. You will need to pay a third party for your connectivity, e.g. an ISP for internet connectivity or a telephone company for analogue or ISDN. If you want to connect to PSTN users, you will need to pay either the telephone company (for analogue or ISDN) or an ITSP for a VoIP gateway.

PBearX with me, assuming that i already got an usable internet connection which offers free VOIP services for which my internet provider is not asking any extras, there is any functions that will allow me to get free calls between two machines hosting Asterisk??
I came across this program for the first time while browsing the various packages offered by PFSense years back, but i never had a need to use such a system till now, i will support the developers by buying some hardware, but only if there is a feasible way to achieve that, so before i start to get headaches trying to get more technical knowledge into my head, i’d like to find out if it will be just a waste of time or not, i am sure you knowledgeable people already got the answer i am looking for, thanks. :mrgreen:

Unless you have missed some details, it is certainly possible to make calls within a closed SIP, IAX, or H.323. VoIP system using Asterisk. If your ISP provides a compliant PSTN gateway using one of those protocols, it is possible to call anything you could call for free using a simple phone, but using Asterisk between the phone and the connection.

You may have to sort out issues with NAT, and services intended for use with just a phone may not be sufficiently compliant.

I think you really need to do some more basic research on VoIP.