Calling outside network

I have made a calling facility in ubuntu by downloading asterisk server.There I configure sip and extensions file.It is working fine in same network but it is not working on different network?

I am new to asterisk cant figure out how to do this.It would be great if anyone help me in this

Asterisk is both a client and a server. In Linux terms it is a daemon. (In Windows terms, a service.)

You need to provide your channel driver and extensions configuration files, so we can see what you are doing wrong, and get a better idea of what you might be trying to do, but it is quite likely that you have fundamental misunderstanding about the real world of VoIP.

The asterisk logging (at verbose level 5) may also be helpful, and more detailed logging may prove necessary, later.

We’ll also need to know about the NAT environment of your network.

Also, if by sip, you mean chan_sip, that is a lame duck channel driver; you should be using chan_pjsip, unless inter-working with someone who uses SIP in a sufficiently non-standard way that only chan_sip can be made to work. chan_sip is almost unsupported and will be removed in next year’s release.

If you can’t connect a SIP device to your Asterisk server from outside of your network; then this is a firewall issue. If you’re trying to do this at home; you need to forward the proper ports to your asterisk server.

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