How to get pseudo loaded in asterisk?

I am running Asterisk 1.8.4 + Dahdi on CentOS 5.5.

I have no hardware cards, so here is what happens when I start dadhi:

[code]root@pbx3:~ $ /etc/init.d/dahdi start
Loading DAHDI hardware modules:
dahdi_dummy: [ OK ]

No hardware timing source found in /proc/dahdi, loading dahdi_dummy
Running dahdi_cfg: [ OK ]
I have run dahdi_genconf

But when I go to Asterisk, there is no pseudo:

root@pbx3:~ $ asterisk -rx 'dahdi show channels' Chan Extension Context Language MOH Interpret Blocked State

Is there a known procedure/config for getting pseudo to load in asterisk?

Use an obsolete version of dahdi. The capability provided by dahdi_dummy is now provided by the core driver.

Which obsolete version would you recommend?

This is for meetme, or does meetme no longer use pseudo? here is what I have loaded for timing:

pbx3*CLI> module show like timing Module Description Use Count DAHDI Timing Interface 3 pthread Timing Interface 0 2 modules loaded

I wouldn’t. You shouldn’t need dahdi_dummy loaded (although I have a supicion that there may (have been) a bug with MeetMe explicitly checking for it. I believe dahdi_dummy became redundant in 2.4.

That doesnt make sense - I have another fully working system thats running asterisk 1.8.4, and dahdi, on this system I get:

pbx6*CLI> dahdi show channels Chan Extension Context Language MOH Interpret Blocked State pseudo default default In Service

unless dev has a word on it, i dont think pseudo has left any of the current releases.

That doesn’t change the fact that dahdi_dummy is no longer required:

[quote]r9656 | sruffell | 2011-01-21 05:27:40 +0000 (Fri, 21 Jan 2011) | 9 lines

README: Remove references to dahdi_dummy.

Since dahdi_dummy is no longer required remove the references from

(issue #17959)
Reported by: glen201


From svn log

that is very informative, however, those links are still contradicting, as I have 3 systems with nearly the latest bleeding versions of asterisk/dahdi and a fully loaded pseudo interface in asterisk - and they work great (2 are even virtualized) - how does this happen? While other systems dont have a pseudo interface, and exhibit extremely poor meetme audio issues, and missing “user introduction”.

Reading further on this - digium insinuates that only iax channels require dahdi: … Interfaces
** But then goes on to disclaimer at the bottom that meetme conferences do indeed require dahdi, and from reading the log they actually require a dahdi channel such as the dummy:

[Jun 7 01:10:40] VERBOSE[27162] app_meetme.c: -- Created MeetMe conference 1023 for conference '500' [Jun 7 01:10:40] WARNING[27162] app_meetme.c: No DAHDI channel available for conference, user introduction disabled (is chan_dahdi loaded?)

Is this a bug, or an omission from development, or code in progress still?? The revision listed on the svn shows as being 8 months old, i am using todays release of dahdi, and still have references to dahdi_dummy being loaded. The irony in all this - digium’s answer in the above wiki link is a conferencing app written by Anthony Minessale - lead dev of?? not to be snide, but reading those svn comments really lights a match to my foot because documentation contradicts itself on the same page, as does the current released code.

if the above logging is the correct behavior, then it would indicate pseudo is required - how would I get pseudo loaded??