How to get ? (asterisk 1.6)

Hello all !

I do not have in my modules folder. I suppose that this is the cause why mp3 files are not played with Playback(mymp3file).

Could someone give me a hint how to get this ? (I am not very good in linux …)

I use ubuntu 9.4, asterisk 1.6.1

Thanks a lot for any help !


In asterisk source directory - you can run ./configure and then make menuselect
In make menuselect - you will see modules etc - and also if some module cant be enabled - which dependencies you have to solve, after solving - again ./configure and make menuselect

hello bria_more !

Thanks a lot for your feedback.

I did ./configure

and then

make menuselect

Now, I do only find one mp3 related option that is in Applications app_mp3
With this I may define moh classes with mode=mp3 and it plays mp3 music.

But the problem is that Playback(mymp3file) does not work, so I suppose that app_mp3 is not enough and I would need format_mp3. The thing is that I may not find any othere option related to mp3 in the menuselect. I looked in “Format Interpreters” but there is no format_mp3.

Do you have any idea ?

Thank you very much for any additional help !


I believe it’s in the asterisk-addons package.

Hi mr. echo,

here is what I can see in the menuselect :

               Asterisk Module and Build Option Selection

                           Press 'h' for help.

                           Call Detail Recording
                           Channel Drivers
                           Codec Translators
                           Format Interpreters
                           Dialplan Functions
                           PBX Modules
                           Resource Modules
                           Test Modules
                           Compiler Flags
                           Voicemail Build Options
                           Module Embedding
                           Core Sound Packages
                           Music On Hold File Packages
                     --->  Extras Sound Packages

Where should I go to set elements of the asterisk-addons package ? Or do I have to do something else in order to install the asterisk-addons package? It’s the first time I hear about it (beginner as I am :smile:), thanks a lot for any further hint …


Asterisk-addons is a separate package. You can download it from It contains format_mp3, chan_mobile and some other things that aren’t part of the actual asterisk release.

First, you need to extract and build asterisk. When you’ve done that, you should be able to build the addons. I use chan_mobile out of the addons package and here’s how I build it.

./configure --with-asterisk=/usr/src/asterisk --enable-dev-mode
make menuselect
make install
make samples

Note: Change /usr/src/asterisk to point to the location where you built asterisk.

My fault - it is as mr. echo mentioned in addons package.

hello gys,

thanks a lot for your kind feedbacks.

So I did what you told me to, mr. echo. I installed the addons and now I have a in my modules folder.

I also added

load =>

juste before

load =>

in modules.conf.

But yet it doesn’t work. Do you have any idea what I have to do else ?

Thanks a lot for a little more feedback :smile:


Sounds like you did everything except actually load the module. Either restart asterisk or do a “module load” from the asterisk CLI.

hi mr. echo,

I did restart the whole machine. Do you know a way to check which modules are loaded, juste to be sure that it is loaded correctly ?


Yes, do a “module show” at the asterisk CLI.

ok, the module is loaded : MP3 format [Any rate but 8000hz mono is 0

but still, mp3 files are not played :frowning:

here is what the log says :

[Jun 16 18:59:18] WARNING[4703]: app_playback.c:447 playback_exec: ast_streamfile failed on SIP/2107-0104fc68 for custom/SalesDeWillkommen

but it does not say why it failed.

I hope you have some idea about it…


I have no experience using format_mp3 so hopefully someone else can chime in and give some help.

ok echo, thanks a lot for your help !!!


There is another way you can play mp3 files asterisk. I was also searching for someway to play mp3 files in asterisk and found following solution.

Download mpg123-svn-r491.tar.gz from
Install it by ./cinfigure , make , make install.

Now you can play mp3 files like this
exten => 123,1,MP3Player(/projects/testmp3/test.mp3)

Asterisk supports raw files, which also draws less CPU power, I have only used it for music on hold, but the files are being played without extra modules.

se more here: