Asterisk Addons for 1.4.23-1

Hi everybody, I need to play mp3 music_on_hold files from the beginning, for each new call (channel). AFAIK i need the support of Asterisk Addons and asterisk module “format_mp3” to do that, using the “native mode”. I’m running Asterisk version 1.4.23-1 and the problem is that I can’t find Asterisk Addons for this Asterisk version. Seems that Addons stop at version 1.4.7.
Does anyone know if I can use the 1.4.7 addons on asterisk 1.4.23-1 release (I believe not but didn’t tried yet)?
Or can anyone point me in the right direction to play a moh mp3 file from the beginning with asterisk 1.4.23-1? If I’m not wrong madplay nor mgp123 can do it.
Thanks for any help!

Never mind…I switched to Ubuntu, they already have the addons on the repositry…Thanx anyway :smile: