Fixed - Debian 1.8.11 MP3 Support

Hi All,

Apologises if this is in the wrong spot, not really sure the right spot to put it.

Ive just moved over to using the packages for asterisk 1.8 in debian, however ive found that there is a lack of mp3 support. Reading through the notes, this is due to packaging restrictions and all of that which i understand. … tu#p151490 gave me the commands to run to build the mp3 package.
roughly speaking im doing:
[li]cd /tmp[/li]
[li]apt-get source asterisk[/li]
[li]Run “make menuselect”[/li]
[li]Select “Add-ons”[/li]
[li]Make sure “format_mp3” is selected: [/li][li]format_mp3[/li]
[li]Use the “Menu Select” command ‘x’ to Save and Quit[/li]
[li]Run “contrib/scripts/” <-- IMPORTANT or you won’t have MP3 source to compile and your build will fail![/li]

once thats finished im grabbing the and copying it into the /usr/lib/asterisk/modules/
however when i try to load the module into asterisk i get the following error:

[quote][Jul 17 19:06:32] WARNING[28904]: loader.c:785 inspect_module: Module ‘’ was not compiled with the same compile-time options as this version of Asterisk.
[Jul 17 19:06:32] WARNING[28904]: loader.c:786 inspect_module: Module ‘’ will not be initialized as it may cause instability.
[Jul 17 19:06:32] WARNING[28904]: loader.c:869 load_resource: Module ‘format_mp3’ could not be loaded.

im hesitant to run make install as im concerned it will blow away my packaged install and go to the manually built version…

Any thoughts on how to actually build the mp3 format, or another way of getting it?


In case anyone is wondering how it was fixed, i wrote it all up here: