How to display external phone number in internal IP phone


I just setup asterisk and now it’s working, however, when I make a call form outside or from pstn the internal phone doesn’t display then external number. Please help. Thanks

what kind of trunk you are using to make and receive calls.

Asterisk passes caller ID by default. Assuming you haven’t deliberately overridden it, a failure to get caller ID means that either the upstream doesn’t send it, or the technology drivers haven’t been configured to send it correctly.

As hinted by the previous reply, the choice of techonlogy (SIP, IAX, dahdi, and within dahdi, analogue, ISDN, etc.) can make a difference to whether caller ID is likekly to be available and what has to be configured. Generally, if you have SIP on both sides, you would normally not have to do anything for it to work, unless the upstream simply is not sending caller ID.

However, it is not just the trunk technology that matters - my guess is that the previous responder is assuming you are using SIP phones, but you don’t actually seem to have said that, although it is the most likely case when someone fails to say.

The implication of all this is that a failure to have caller ID passed, generally requires fairly detailed information about your configuration and that of the upstream system before one can resolve it.