Callerid not working for internal calls

Hi everyone, i need some help here

I have an asterisk server runing on a slackware 64 13.1

everything was working, but internal callerid is not showing anymore.

I have:
70 sip accounts using IP Phones and Softphones
1 Sip provider account with 50 numbers 3333 (7000-7049)

When i make a call from 7001 to an external cellphone 8889999 for an example i got the callerid 33337001 on my cellphone.
When i make a call from my cellphone to an internal phone 33337034 for an example, i got the cellphone callerid 88889999 on my IP Phone.
But when i make a call from 7001 to 7034 for an example, i got only the SIP name but no number. The SIP caller id is “Test <7001>” i got only Test.

On my old asterisk server the callerid is working normally, i dont know why this is happening. Any tips?

You can try: callerid = “Test” <7001>

The quotes should not be necessary and, in fact, I consider it a bug that Microsoft Outlook puts them in, redundantly, in email headers. The email header format was carefully designed so that they shouldn’t be used for most cases.

No dice with quotes. : /

Hi what phones are you using ?

As it may be a phone issue. you include a line in ge dialplan for internal calls to NoOp the callerID name and number.