Caller ID displaying as "asterisk" in trunk

Hi All,

I am using Asterisk 11.10 with GUI.

I have created trunk between two asterisk servers. Calling between this two works fine but instead of caller number, “asterisk” is displaying in Caller ID.

Following is Dial Pattern for Dialing extension over Trunk.

[color=#FF0000]“exten = _1XXX,1,Macro(trunkdial-failover-0.3,${MUM}/${EXTEN:0},MUM,)”[/color]

Kindly guide me where do I make changes to get caller number to display.

AsteriskGUI is unsupported. (FreePBX isn’t supported here).

Broken caller ID is either due to settings in sip.conf (some ITSPs have requirements that are incompatible with caller ID) or because you are trying to present a caller ID to the ITSP that he ITSP has not approved.

Thanks David,

I am not connecting to outside ITSP/TSP. I am connecting my two offices located in different cities which is connected via MPLS. Hence no question of approval.

I am dialing this with SIP Trunk. I want to display caller number instead of ‘asterisk’.


I missed that you are getting the Asterisk default. In that case, provide the caller ID on the incoming side.

Asterisk passes the caller ID through if you have a default configuration. They only time you should get “asterisk” is if the caller ID was missing, or your dialplan explicitly cleared it. In that case you should use the FreePBX forum for help, if you are using FreePBX or contact your supplier (Synology?) if you are using AsterisGUI (as that is no longer supported).

Dear David,

I have diagnose and problem now resolved.

It was due to Macro which I have used in my Dial Plan for dialing out over trunk. I have used standard dial plan and it works fine.

Thanks :smile: