Outgoing call not getting display

HI ,

I am using the PSTN line for local call, when ever i dial out I am getting the external no instead of my local no. I have verified all the configs not getting the idea where i made mistake and also please let me know how trace call when i dial out in Asterisk server.

If you are talking about what you see on a PSTN phone, to prevent fraud, all responsible PSTN operators will either force the caller ID, or only accept user caller ID if the user has demonstrated to them that they control that ID.

If you are talking of some other situation, you need to describe what you are doing a lot more clearly.

please brief confused in local no and external no.

Issue is that Last week i use to get correct display like my office no. ie., 080-41103030 as ougoing no. This week when i checked it’s giving as +39022406342 which belongs strange no which we never used. No other configuration changes has been done.

There is insufficient information about your configuration, but, on the best guess of your configuration, this will be a change made by your PSTN access provider, and nothing to do with Asterisk.

Please let me know what are the information you required, As I told you we are using asterisk pbx with one PSTN connection with linksys ATA and VOIP cheap service provide we use PSTN no for incoming and outogin for the local calls and internationals calls through VOIP cheap service. incoming is not a issue ie.,e 080-41103030 it works, but when i dial local or sTD no within the country who ever receives our call they are getting +39 no instaead of our office no.

Is the problem over the direct PSTN connection or the VoIP one? Is the PSTN connection analogue or digital. Can you confirm that the caller ID in question is the one seen by PSTN callees? How are you specifying the caller ID to be sent? Can you confirm that you are trying to force a particular value, indepent of that for the incoming call?

If the problem is over an analogue PSTN connection, Asterisk cannot send caller ID over such connections, so this is comletely in the hands of the PSTN provider.

If the problem is over a VoIP connection, do you use fromuser? This normally overrides any callerID that may be provided elsewhere, although sendrpid may get round this?

Can you confirm that have registered the caller ID that you want sent with the the service provider over which you are, unsuccessfully, trying to send it?