How to disable sending of MWI to a single extension?

This may be a dumb question but how do I disable the sending of MWI NOTIFYs to a single extension?

I have a pedantic iPAQ messenger which doesn’t like it and every minute or so I get:

[Sep 3 00:02:02] WARNING[32555] chan_sip.c: Remote host can’t match request NOTIFY to call ‘75b32f3062d678486a477a2669a5c8cf@’. Giving up.

In my otherwise clean(ish) log.

The device is actually responding with a 481 Call/Leg does not exist message in response to the notify but for the life of me I can’t find out how to disable MWI for a single device - maybe it’s too easy which is why I can’t find anything…


In your sip.conf file for that extension, remove the “mailbox=” line.

It’s what notifys your client.

[quote=“dufus”]In your sip.conf file for that extension, remove the “mailbox=” line.

It’s what notifys your client.[/quote]

Thanks Dufus! Will that still retain mailbox functionality?

Sorry, I’m using FreePBX so I probably need to ask in the FreePBX forum - I suspect with FreePBX I have only a choice of Voicemail+MWI or No Voicemail?

Actually, yes. This line only changes which SIP object is notified when a message arrives. A mailbox is defined in the voicemail.conf file. Not in the sip.conf file.

You can simply leave it blank as in:


You can even have the system notify this SIP object when a message arrives in other mailboxes as well. If you wanted to know when a message arrives for mailbox 200, and 202, you would have an entry like:


Simply remove the extension from the mailbox= line, and the notifications will stop.

Thanks Dufus - muchly! :smile:

Once I’d opened my eyes I spotted that mailbox= is configurable for the extension in FreePBX. Now I know what it is for it will solve a couple of problems…