Asterisk 18.1 pjsip how to do MWI for a registered extension?

How do you do MWI (message waiting indicator) when there is new voicemail waiting on registered sip phones?
In Asterisk 16 and older I always just had a simple Mailbox=XXX
for the sip phone in sip.conf and it worked without having to setup subscriptions or anything like that.
I’d like to do this same thing in pjsip asterisk.
Any pointers or examples?
I would like to keep it simple.
When I search on this It turns up rather complicated results discussing subscriptions and
MWI across locations which is not really what I am looking for.

I am struggling about every step of the way with Asterisk 18.1 and pjsip.
This is my first system to use pjsip.
I have been successful with Asterisk and chan_sip for years up to Asterisk version 16.

It is now time to learn the newer stuff and am having difficulty finding the information I need pretty much every step of the way.


If using unsolicited MWI, which many do, then you set mailboxes on the endpoint[1]. If using solicited, where the phone asks for it, then you set mailboxes on the AOR[2].


Thanks I will have a look.
Also I got it working on my own with:


Not sure if I need all of that or not.
Not sure what aggregate mwi does.

Yep same config file sample I already have.
Take three lines now instead of one line “mailbox=”
I’m thrilled it’s working but also want to understand how it works.


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