I want to install asterisk and just play around with it

Hi Guys
I just wanted to know if I install asterisk on a old computer I have can I use a 56k modem or do I have to get a FXO card from like ebay or something?

all I wanted to do is get asterisk installed and just play around with it so I can get some experience on it.

If your PC has ethernet, you don’t need any other hardware to play around with asterisk. Load up a couple of voip softphones one a couple of other PC’s and learn how to configure asterisk to support them. You can call from either of them to the other. You can also sign up with a DID provider to accept inbound voip calls from PSTN (public switched telephone network) phones, and/or with a SIP termination provider, which will allow you to places calls from your softphones via asterisk to PSTN phones. Have fun!

but can I use a 56k modem to attach a regular phone to it? bc I got couple of 56k modems I got laying around can I use them?

You canot use a regular modem to connect an analog voice line. You need an FXO/FXS card in the computer or a SIP to FXO/FXS adapter.

Probably the easiest way to start is to get a Grandstream HandyTone type adapter, you can pick one up starting around $30.