How to connect XLite with another public IP?

[color=blue]Hi Friends,

We have two internet connections (lines) from two Internet Service Providers in our office. So, we have two public IP addresses. We are using one connection for our LAN and to providing internet to our office staff. We are not using second connection.

Now, we have installed “Asterisk” and using for International dialing with Second connection. Now, I have installed “XLite” softphone in our staff systems. I tried to connect our XLite with our Asterisk server. But, our XLite softphone is unable to connect with Asterisk server. I have given Asterisk server public IP in my XLite Domain field. But, it is not connecting and is giving an error i.e., " Registration error: 408 - Request timedout". I tried using firewall and without using firewall. Please tell me how to configure my XLite softphone to connect with my Asterisk server (With other public IP)?

This is very urgent. Looking forward to your kind response. Thank you.


you might try asking over at the counterpath forums as well…

i would enable a STUN server, which would locate an external address for your first provider, and connect to asterisk via that.

it may not work without you modifying your NAT settings on the first connection, but it’s worth a try.

We need more details as to what is between your setup. Do you have routers on either end? Do you hav firewalls or NAT on either end? etc

We are not using any firewalls and routers in both ends.

so you have a single public ip address at each site, or a range ? if the former, you must have a router somewhere or be providing a NAT interface. heck, you must have a router full stop !

Do you have iptables turned on? I found that unless you conifgure it on the server side, nothing gets through. Try running “service iptables stop” as root , make sure that you have “nat=yes” in your extension setup in either sip.conf or any file/database you store those in. Then try connecting.