Asterisk xlite config?

hi alll, i am newibie to asterisk

i have installed zaptel,libpri and asterisk its working fine. and i have installed x-lite soft phone
i am bit confused with the ip of asterisk server .
is it the ip what i use for lan … then how to configure the x-lite

the network part … which includes primary ,secondary and providers dns server.
is this also a primary dns server what i use for internet connection. and even what should i use for stun server.

thanks in advance for the reply.


hi, this should be posted to users rather than developers :smiley:

in my X-Lite config i have the IP address of my asterisk server in the “Domain/Realm” and “SIP Proxy” settings.

as the Asterisk server is on the same network as my client i won’t be using STUN, there is no NAT to traverse. any SIP trunks i have setup on my Asterisk box are port forwarded on my firewall, so again, no need for STUN.

you’ll only need to use STUN if you use a client that connects directly to an ITSP.

thaks for the reply

but how do i know the ip of asterisk server ?

is it the ip of mycomputer ?

i have used this for configuring x-lite



and in extensions.conf
exten => 1234,1,Dial(SIP/ganesh)

x-lite configuration

Domain Name : ip address of my computer
sip proxy : ip address

i am getting login timedout : contact network admin

i would advise you set your asterisk server up with a static IP address on your network. what distribution of linux are you using ? if you have console access, using ifconfig will give you the relevant interface details.