Help with X-Lite!

I have 3 PCs. One Asterisk, one server and one workstation. Both Asterisk and server is connected using public IP. The workstation is connected on a router and the router is connected to public IP. When I use X-Lite on the server, I can register my extension, however, when I use X-Lite on my workstation, I got timeout error on registration 403. Any suggestion how to fix this?

Check the firewall on Asterisk box. It should permit incoming port 5060 from all hosts or at the very minimum from both your Server and your Router’s public address. If it’s currently restricted to accept connections only from Server then there’s your problem.

Can you access the HTTP server (or another service such as SSH or FTP) on the Asterisk box from your workstation? We need to ensure that your routing is working OK between the two machines.

The firewall and routing are the two usual causes of such issues. It may also be NAT related so you may care to play with the STUN settings. I’ve never needed to though so I couldn’t give you specific advice there.

The default AsteriskNOW installation caused me no end of problems (in text mode) - the iptables was the main one though.
To fix it up I opened all ports on iptables, then re-secured one by one (5060 is your main one, 80 for the web interface, if you use raa you’ll need those ones etc.) This at least let me get X-Lite talking to asterisk, then I could go back and fix the iptables.

Note: this is dangerous as it opens ALL ports to ANYONE!!! Don’t leave them open for long. It’s useful though if you’re debugging the complex AsteriskNOW installation though.

$ sudo iptables -F INPUT
$ sudo iptables -F OUTPUT
$ sudo iptables -F FORWARD
$ sudo iptables -P INPUT ACCEPT
$ sudo iptables -P OUTPUT ACCEPT
$ sudo iptables -P FORWARD ACCEPT