How to configure newly installed asterisk for CHAN_SIP?

I have installed asterisk 13 in Ubuntu.

After starting asterisk, executing Dialplan reload command,it is showing some other thing getting executed like Lua script
How to configure asterisk for CHAN_SIP ?

If you do not need Lua you can disable it in modules.conf. chan_sip no longer has official support, so the new PJSIP stack should be the better option. As far as basic configuration is concerned, you should probably search for Asterisk tutorials in the web. There are plenty of sources, including older versions of the Asterisk book. The problem with VoIP is, that you cannot simply set some options and forget the rest. Anything that is not trivial requires a basic understanding of the protocols and how Asterisk deals with them.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of bad examples of how to configure chan_sip for providers, but very few on how to configure chan_pjsip, and some providers wrongly claim that their systems will not work with chan_pjsip.

You need to learn what the options mean and configure from first principles, as otherwise, you will get a bad configuration for an unsupported channel driver.

Yes, yes, I have already painfully experienced all of this myself. My solution is HOMER and I have initially a look at the logs every day to see how the various pieces react. Then I try to stretch the system by systematically playing with the options.

I think giving waterproof examples can’t be done as that would involve the own router in general as well, if one assumes that the service provider does not do NAT.

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